New Price Used Laptop LE7300 Tablet PC for obd2 car Diagnostic tool Connector No HDD Apply to MB STAR C4/C5 OBD2 scanner

New Price Used Laptop LE7300 Tablet PC for obd2 car Diagnostic tool Connector No HDD Apply to MB STAR C4/C5 OBD2 scanner

New Price Used Laptop LE7300 Tablet PC for obd2 car Diagnostic tool Connector No HDD Apply to MB STAR C4/C5 OBD2 scanner

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    touch screen, used
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    car diagnostic laptop
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Used Laptop LE7300 Tablet PC for obd2 car Diagnostic tool Connector No HDD Apply to MB STAR C4/C5 OBD2 scanner


LE1700 Tablet PC without ssd


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The highlights of a new machine

Here are the highlights of M—-otion's latest LE1700 updates:

All LE1700s now offer Core 2 Duo performance. You can get the machine with an Intel 1.5GHz Core 2 Duo L7400 processor as before, or opt for an ultra-low voltage Core 2 Duo U7500 chip that replaces the older Intel Core Solo U1400.

The machine runs Windows Vista Business; no Windows XP downgrade is offered.

The viewing angle of the optional SXGA+ 1400×1050 pixel resolution display is now 170 degrees in all directions (up from 95 degrees).

A new UltraView Anywhere option provides improved sunlight viewability on the SXGA+ display.

A 1024×768 XGA display is still available, but only with View Anywhere, and not the new and improved UltraView Anywhere sunlight viewable option.

The form factor remains the same, so investment in older peripherals and docks is preserved.

A 64GB Solid State Disk option offers extreme shock and vibration protection at reduced weight and power consumption.
High-resolution screen

The LE1700 comes with a 12.1-inch display that offers either 1024×768 XGA or 1400×1050 SXGA+ resolution. The standard XGA display can be ordered with or without "View Anywhere" technology that adds a good degree of outdoor viewability to the LE1700's transmissive LCD.

If you order the SXGA+ version you get almost twice the number of pixels in a razor-sharp, vibrant display that is a total pleasure to use. The 1400×1050 resolution means you can fit more onto the display, and that's a good thing with today's complex websites and the multiple windows many of us like to keep open at any given time.

But high resolution is not all. The SXGA+ display can be ordered with an even better version of M—otion's View Anywhere technology. It's called UltraView Anywhere, and it's a definite improvement. Our review unit had the SXGA+ display with UltraView Anywhere, and the display indeed worked perfectly well outdoors. While standard transmissive notebook and tablet displays wash out in daylight, the M—otion's UltraView Anywhere display remained very readable even in direct sunlight. It is definitely good enough to do whatever work needs to be done while outdoors, no matter what the lighting conditions are.


Building on a solid foundation
M—otion has long impressed us with its fortuitous combination of level-headed business sense and great product. The company's products are always within an arm's length of the leading edge without ever becoming sheer technology demonstrations. There's practical design and elegance, attention to detail and a firm general direction.
In terms of size and weight, the LE1700 offers a generous 12.1-inch display in a handy 11.7 x 9.7 inch machine that's barely three quarters of an inch thick and weighs just over three pounds. It's a good-looking piece of equipment, too.
On the processor side, M—otion usually offers two options, one geared towards performance and one towards economy. This latest installment of the LE1700 is no different. M—otion, though, didn't switch to Centrino 2 just yet, instead sticking with the 1.5GHz low voltage Core 2 Duo L7400 processor, and replacing the former 1.2GHz Core Solo U1400 with a punchier 1.06GHz Core 2 Duo U7500 processor.
On the graphics side, the LE1700 uses the standard Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 945 Express. That's good enough to run Vista capably. Our U7500-equipped machine was very quick and responsive. It was also, thanks to its 64GB Solid State Disk, almost totally silent. There is a fan, and the machine heats up more than we expected.
Vista is quite memory-intensive, and so even the base configuration comes with 2GB of 667MHz DDR2 memory. You can upgrade that to a maximum of 4GB in two externally accessible slots. Mass storage now comes in the form of an 80GB 4200rpm 1.8-inch hard disk or the aforementioned optional Solid State Disk.
On the power side, the standard battery remains a 38.5 watt-hour Lithium-Ion pack that's good for about three hours, depending on screen and processor options. If three hours is not enough, there is an optional extended battery. It's a flat Lithium-Polymer sheet that snaps to the bottom of the unit and adds another 40 watt-hours, boosting total battery life into the six to seven hour range.


With the latest update to its LE1700 Tablet PC, M—-otion added significant functionality and takes a good step towards making the semi-rugged tablet suitable for an increasingly wider variety of applications.
Acceptable sunlight viewability is tantamount in many vertical and industrial applications where the tablet is primarily used outdoors. M—-otion's new UtraView Anywhere technology is a significant improvement over prior display treatments and makes the new LE1700 fully usable even in direct sunlight. The incredible sharpness of the high-res 1400 x 1050 pixel display is additionally augmented by a nearly 180 degree viewing angle from all directions.
For maximum ruggedness and reliability, M—otion now offers a 64GB Solid State Disk that provides superb performance as well as quicker startup and lower power consumption.
As before, there are two processor options. The existing Core 2 Duo L7400 is now joined by an ultra-low voltage U7500 Core 2 Duo, providing power efficiency at significantly improved performance.
Add to that the integrated biometric fingerprint reader, optional broadband modules, the handy convertible keyboard, plenty of onboard connectivity and expansion, M—-otion's Speak Anywhere multi-directional array microphones, and a SIM card slot on top of the slate's elegant and ergonomic design and you have a machine that's hard to beat. And now also one that's increasingly suitable for use in semi-rugged applications


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Packaging Details
  • Unit Type:
  • Package Weight:
    3.5kg (7.72lb.)
  • Package Size:
    30cm x 25cm x 20cm (11.81in x 9.84in x 7.87in)

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